FBReader 3.5.5 for Android

18th December 2023

The final update of 2023 brings a few enhancements:

  • New appearance option: “Neglect screen notches”. It is helpful for devices with a wrongly detected notch, e.g., if the front camera is hidden under the screen.
  • The app stores the correct reading per cent now. Reading progress will be shown correctly in the library. However, you have to open a book with the wrong indicator to fix it.
  • The footer is visible over the reading-aloud panel. You can optionally switch to the old behaviour.
  • The old-style footer option is back.
  • Better processing of font lists in CSS. Previously, the app has used only the first item.
  • Better popup position on the screen: the system panels do not overlap the windows.
  • Saving position after the end of continuous scrolling works correctly. Sometimes, there was a one-line inaccuracy.