News: iOS

FBReader 1.1.11 for iOS

18th October 2023

The maintenance update fixes the processing of length CSS properties (sizes, margins, etc.). It also resolves a few issues that might cause the app to crash or freeze.

FBReader 1.1.10 for iOS

25th September 2023

The update fixes possible crashes during the continuous scrolling.

The renderer displays all the Unicode characters. Previously, only symbols with codes under 0x10000 were supported.

FBReader 1.1.9 for iOS

13th September 2023

The routine update makes the app fully compatible with the recently announced iPhone 15 series. The SDK is updated to 0.99.6 with the same changes.

New features are coming later this year in FBReader 1.2.

FBReader 1.1.8 for iOS

1st June 2023

One more minor update will gradually become available to all users in the first week of June. The release fixes possible reading freeze on books with SVG images.

FBReader 1.1.7 for iOS

15th May 2023

The minor update is on a staged rollout this week. The release

  • fixes SVG files processing
  • fixes crash on rendering images in both text and the library
  • updates third-party code such as Google auth to the latest versions