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FBReader 2.1 for Mac/Windows/Linux

19th July 2024

Today, we are excited to announce a major update for desktop platforms. FBReader 2.1 is officially out!

The main highlight of this new version is the support for Readium LCP, enabling FBReader to open DRM-protected books. Other enhancements include:

  • Optional Network Passwords Saving: Save network passwords securely in the system storage.
  • Optional Usage Statistics Collection: A consent dialogue will appear, allowing you to opt in or out.
  • Bookmarks Text Editing: Edit the text of your bookmarks to add your thoughts.
  • Slovenian Localisation: FBReader is now available in Slovenian.
  • Minor Fixes: Various small improvements and bug fixes.

The packages for all three operating systems are available for download from our site. Windows users can also install the update from the Windows Store. The Mac version will appear in the App Store as soon as it passes the Apple review procedure.

Update now to enjoy these new features and improvements!

FBReader 2.1β4 for Mac, Windows, and Linux

27th June 2024

The desktop version is approaching the release date. In this new beta version

  • We've fixed issues with some protected ePubs
  • We've added Slovenian localisation, thanks to the efforts of Andrej Kralj
  • To help us improve the app, we've added an optional statistics collection feature. The app will request your consent before collecting any data.

FBReader 2.1β1 for Mac and Windows

22nd March 2024

The first public beta of the upcoming FBReader 2.1 for desktops is available to download from our site.

The release adds long-awaited features, including network password saving (in secure system storage), bookmarks editing, and a tons of fixes. More new features are to be announced next month.

FBReader 2.0.5 for Mac/Windows/Linux

20th September 2023

One more September update addresses a few annoying issues. In the LitRes store, we fixed possible errors during signing in. Windows version displays the genres list correctly.

The release improves the Unicode support: the app displays symbols with codes larger than 0xFFFF (e.g., emoji).

We changed the behaviour of the right-click menu to make it less confusing in some cases: the bookmark menu displays if the cursor is over an existing bookmark and the text selection at once.

FBReader 2.0.4 for Mac/Windows/Linux

10th September 2023

September update supports more image formats.

The renderer shows small caps defined in built-in CSS in ePubs.

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