FBReader 0.9 beta for Mac

The latest release date: 13 August 2018.

Download the installation image (for MacOS X 10.11+).

The beta release is very close to production quality. It supports most of the main FBReader features:

  • Latest rendering engine (even newer than used in Android and iOS versions)
  • Full support of ePub, fb2(.zip), and other text-based formats
  • Experimental comics support (cbz format only)
  • Network synchronization: books, positions

Missing features to be added soon:

  • Bookmarks support, including synchronization
  • More navigation features, including table of contents and page jumps
  • Page footer
  • Library book search
  • OPDS support
  • More preferences
  • Full interface localizations for other languages

There are also a few secret features to be revealed soon.