News: SDK

SDK for Android has been updated

30th November 2023

The major update, 1.2.0, is out. There were no updates for two years as the development of new features in FBReader for Android was on hold. This autumn, we released the new major version of FBReader for Android. The most significant addition is the possibility of continuous text scrolling. The SDK update includes all the changes from the mainstream FBReader.

Since this release, the SDK works with the Android SDK 21 and is built with the target SDK 34.

SDK 0.99.8 for iOS

9th October 2023

In the update, we fixed the recently broken support of CSS length properties. It also avoids a few stability issues on the new iOS 17.

FBReader for iOS, based on the new SDK, will be released later this week.

Updated SDK for iOS

21st September 2023

New release 0.99.7 is available. The update fixes possible crashes during continuous scrolling on iOS 17. It also extends the Unicode support; the engine renders Unicode symbols with codes > 0xFFFF.

These changes will be available to FBReader users in the upcoming 1.1.10 release.

We plan to release SDK for Android with full Unicode support in next few weeks.

SDK for iOS updated to 0.99.5

27th July 2023

The new release is synchronous with the latest FBReader 1.1.8. It addresses some iOS 16-specific issues and SVG-related crashes. Starting from this release, the SDK only works on iOS 13.0 and higher.

SDK for iOS updated

19th March 2022

New release 0.99.2 has been published. This version includes changes from the upcoming FBReader 1.0.26 for iOS. The ePub rendering engine can use colours defined in embedded CSS.