Where to Get Books

FBReader is just a reader. It has no own bookstore. So there is a natural question: where to get the books for reading?

You can download books from any source. Be sure that you select an appropriate book format. The best choices for FBReader are ePub and fb2. If there are no such variants, please refer to the formats table.

However, there is a better solution. FBReader for Android and Windows/Mac/Linux supports a technology named OPDS that allows your reader to connect network e-book catalogues and stores. In the reader, you can browse and search over the network catalogues and download the found books directly.

The app includes a few built-in catalogues, but additionally, you can add your preferred sources. We recommend the OPDS page on the MobileRead wiki. They shortly explain what OPDS is and maintain a list of dozens of catalogues for many languages.

The iOS version does not work with OPDS at the moment. Hopefully, the feature is coming in 2023. If you use FBReader on your iPhone or iPad, we recommend connecting it with the desktop version via the network sync. You can use OPDS on the computer, download the books, and then read them on all your devices.

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