FBReader for Windows

In February 2022, eight years after the previous release, FBReader came back to Windows. The new version, FBReader 2.0, includes most features of iOS and Android apps but is designed especially for desktops/laptops.

FBReader 2.0 is available for free on the Microsoft Store and from this site. The app works on Windows 10 (build 17763 and higher) and Windows 11. Currently, FBReader is only available for Intel 64bit architecture. It also works on on Windows 11 Arm64 via emulation. As far as we know, the app does not work on Windows 10 Arm.

Some users reported that FBReader 2.0 works fine on earlier versions of Windows. We have no official package at the moment. You can manually download, unpack, and install the package. This action does not violate any licenses or restrictions. However, there is absolutely no warranty and no support for the app installed this way.

Current version: 2.0.5, published 20th September 2023

The table shows the status of the most significant features in the latest version.

Supported formatsePub, fb2, fb2.zip, mobi, rtf, MS doc, plain text, cbz
Not supported formatscbr, cb7, pdf, djvu, docx
DRM protectionFBReader 2.1 is certified to open Readium LCP-protected ePubs
Book reading, styles, hyperlinks, hyphenationsFully implemented
Page header and footerFully implemented, is customisable
Page turning/text scrollingSpacebar and right arrow keys turn the page forward; the left arrow key turns back. Mouse-click on the right/left margins turns ahead/back. The mouse wheel, as well as up and down arrows, scroll line-by-line.

Since version 2.0.1, FBReader includes experimental touchscreen support. You can swipe pages horizontally or turn them by touching the right or left third of the screen
Multi-book (multi-window) modeFully implemented
Two-column modeFully implemented. The text switches to two-column mode automatically. You can tune the logic in the “Columns & Margins” preferences section
Text selectionImplemented, excluding automatic text scrolling when user selects end of the page
Table of contentsFully implemented
BookmarksImplemented: adding, removing, style selection, navigation over the bookmarks list; adding/editing/removing styles; to be implemented: text editing
Language selectionAutomatic language/encoding detection only; there is no way to fix a detection error manually
Advanced text navigationClick on the page footer navigates over the text; undo/redo buttons allow to jump back. The position stack persists between runs
Dark themeFully implemented; the reader switches theme automatically according to the system changes

All titles listFully implemented
Lists of recently added/opened booksFully implemented
Books by authorFully implemented
Books by seriesFully implemented
Books by tagsNot implemented yet
Custom shelvesNot implemented yet
Book downloadFully implemented
Book meta info dialogueFully implemented
Book deletionFully implemented
Multiple book selection, group operationsNot implemented yet

BrowsingImplemented, some OPDS features are still under development
Book downloadingFully implemented
Navigation historyImplemented, not persists between runs
BookmarksFully implemented
SearchImplemented, needs some improvements in multi-catalogue search
Built-in cataloguesProject Gutenberg and Smashwords Online Catalogue
Adding of custom OPDS cataloguesFully implemented
Network authorisationImplemented for some catalogues

Titles list from serverFully implemented
Uploading new books to the serverFully implemented
Deleting booksFully implemented
A way to force upload a recently deleted bookNot implemented yet
PositionsFully implemented
BookmarksFully implemented
Custom shelvesNot implemented yet
Network catalogues list, library bookmarksNot implemented yet

Preferences dialogueImplemented; some minor pages and options are still missing
Settings export/importFully implemented
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