What is FBReader

  • FBReader is a popular (30+ million installs) multi-platform ebook reader. We release regular updates for Android and iOS.
  • FBReader uses its own book parser and rendering engine. The engine is lightweight, fast, and highly customisable.
  • FBReader supports many ebook formats, including ePub, mobi, fb2, HTML, RTF, plain text. The primary formats are ePub and fb2.
  • FBReader is not open-source since 2015. For developers, we offer FBReader SDK: a library that allows creating own ebook readers.

Get FBReader App

  • FBReader is available for multiple platforms. Currently, we release regular updates for two: Android and iOS. The development of apps for other platforms is on hold.
  • For Android devices, you can choose the stable version or beta of the upcoming new release. The app is available on Google Play, on Huawei AppGallery, and directly from our site.
  • FBReader for iPhone and iPad is downloadable on the AppStore.
  • If you are looking for the app for another platform, please check the “FBReader” menu item on the top of the page.

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Build Your Own Reader

  • If you want to create your own ebook reader on the FBReader engine, use FBReader SDK.
  • The SDK is currently available for Android and iOS.
  • The SDK includes the parser and rendering engine for text formats, i.e. ePub, fb2, mobi, etc. It does not support PDFs.
  • You can download the SDK and develop your app for free. If you decide to release the app, you have to buy the SDK key that removes warnings and unlocks all the features.
  • You pay once and have access to all upcoming updates.

Latest News

October 11, 2021

  • Minor update
  • Full compatibility with the iOS 15 and new iPhone 13 series
  • Major release 1.1 is coming by Christmas
February 09, 2021
  • New UI features and fixes in reading aloud.
  • Better look of dialogues on e-ink screens.

The Book Network

  • Online storage for your electronic library.
  • Store books in your Google Drive™ space.
  • Organise books by authors, by series, etc.
  • Synchronise book collection, reading positions, and bookmarks across devices.
  • Add book from desktop computer to all your devices. Manage your library online.
  • Easy access from web browser and from FBReader for iPhone/iPad and Android.