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FBReader 3.7.0 for Android

20th May 2024

This release starts a new stable series. The main feature is Readium LCP adoption. For many years, FBReader was for unprotected books only. Today, that’s changed. Users can open DRM-protected content as well.

Other improvements include a fully updated Ukrainian interface translation and many minor fixes.

Readium LCP in FBReader

29th April 2024

Readium LCP, a DRM technology designed by the Readium Foundation for ePub books, is gaining popularity. We are happy to announce that FBReader has joined the community, received certification from EDRLab, and can open protected books.

We have launched beta versions that support Readium LCP on Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms. These betas are available for free download on our website. The final releases featuring the new functionality are scheduled for May.

The iOS version is slightly behind; we expect to update it in June.

Additionally, we are working to include the LCP support in FBReader SDK. It is also scheduled for release in June.

FBReader 3.6.4 for Android

15th April 2024

The maintenance release

  • Shows notifications for any background activity, as required by Google Play
  • Improves the app stability, including the library scanning

FBReader 3.6.2 for Android

25th March 2024

The minor update

  • Fixes Google Translate issues
  • Tweaks the library view UI
  • Improves the app stability

FBReader 2.1β1 for Mac and Windows

22nd March 2024

The first public beta of the upcoming FBReader 2.1 for desktops is available to download from our site.

The release adds long-awaited features, including network password saving (in secure system storage), bookmarks editing, and a tons of fixes. More new features are to be announced next month.