To the FBReader users on the new iOS 16

12th September 2022

There is at least one major issue with FBReader on iOS 16: the selection menu does not appear, so you cannot copy the text or make a bookmark. There is no workaround, sorry.

We prepared the update that fixes the problem, but we currently experience issues with the App Store review. We are working to manage this as soon as possible.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Android: 3.1 beta 41

6th September 2022

As usual, the update fixes a few bugs reported by our beta-testers and makes steps to the release state.

  • Fixed unexpected control buttons appearance during the text swiping
  • Fixed the bookmarks sync
  • Internally, we updated the rendering engine to the version currently used in iOS releases

Android update

22nd August 2022

Version 3.1 beta 40 fixes several annoying issues of the beta 39 released a week ago.

  • Access to all TTS engines is back in Premium Edition
  • Buttons are visible in all dialogues
  • Broken Yandex Translator replaced with DeepL
  • The incompatible cache issue has gone: you do not need to re-open the current book anymore

First Android release since April 2021

16th August 2022

Version 3.1 beta 39 starts a new cycle of Android updates.

  • FBReader got permission to access the filesystem on devices running Android 11 and higher
  • Minor TTS fixes in Premium Edition
  • Implemented support for new bookmark styles added via the desktop version; there is no way to add/remove styles on a mobile device

Standalone installer package for Windows

19th July 2022

2.0β16 is a minor update for all three desktop platforms: Windows, Mac, and Linux. It brings

  • Long-awaited standalone installer package for Windows
  • Fixes for network catalogues issues found since 2.0β15
  • Updated Ukrainian interface localisation

The Mac App Store version is still not updated; we are working on a restricted version that meets the guidelines.

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