FBReader 1.1.5 for iOS

7th December 2022

The update passed the App Store review and is available to the users. It is compatible with iOS 16 and the upcoming iPhone 14 series.

On iPad, we added “desktop-style” interface features like keyboard shortcuts and large menus. We also changed the search style to make it consistent with the iOS standard. You can choose the old-style search interface in Settings (“Screen” section).

Starting from this version, our updates will only work on iOS 13.0 and newer. 1.1.4 is still available for all users with iOS 9.3+.

Android: 3.0.38

23rd November 2022

One more minor update fixes the most reported issues:

  • The crash in the background selection dialogue
  • Possible crash in network operations

This version raises the target API to 31, as required by Google Play.

Android: 3.0.37

28th October 2022

The quick update fixes a few issues of the recently released 3.0.36.

  • Navigation buttons are back on Android 11+
  • The permission request is now preceded by a detailed explanation
  • The app supports bookmark styles added via the desktop version

Android: 3.0.36

25th October 2022

As 3.1 keeps in the beta stage, we release one more update in the 3.0.x series. The update is fully compatible with Android 12+ and works on all devices with Android 4.4 and higher. We also backported a few critical changes from the 3.1:

  • Fixed the library crash on some PDFs
  • The broken Yandex translator is replaced with DeepL

The update is released for both free and premium editions, as well as for the format plugins. Another good news is that the Premium is now available on Huawei AppGallery.

To the FBReader users on the new iOS 16

12th September 2022

There is at least one major issue with FBReader on iOS 16: the selection menu does not appear, so you cannot copy the text or make a bookmark. There is no workaround, sorry.

We prepared the update that fixes the problem, but we currently experience issues with the App Store review. We are working to manage this as soon as possible.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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