First Android release since April 2021

August 16, 2022

Version 3.1 beta 39 starts a new cycle of Android updates.

  • FBReader got permission to access the filesystem on devices running Android 11 and higher
  • Minor TTS fixes in Premium Edition
  • Implemented support for new bookmark styles added via the desktop version; there is no way to add/remove styles on a mobile device

Standalone installer package for Windows

July 19, 2022

2.0β16 is a minor update for all three desktop platforms: Windows, Mac, and Linux. It brings

  • Long-awaited standalone installer package for Windows
  • Fixes for network catalogues issues found since 2.0β15
  • Updated Ukrainian interface localisation

The Mac App Store version is still not updated; we are working on a restricted version that meets the guidelines.

Network catalogues in the desktop version

July 08, 2022

2.0β15 for Windows, MacOS X and Linux adds network catalogues browser functions to the app.

  • Four built-in network book sources (two in English and two in Russian)
  • Adding your preferred OPDS catalogues
  • Browsing, search over the catalogues, book downloading and purchasing
  • Advanced navigation features: history and bookmarks

The packages for Windows and Linux are available on the stores; MacOSX version is available for download from this site

Updates of the app and SDK for iOS

May 23, 2022

Today we release FBReader 1.1.4 and FBReader SDK 0.99.4 for iOS.

  • Fixed letters truncation in some fonts, e.g. Academy Engraved LET
  • Vertical text scrolling speedup
  • The app adds SVG images support
  • The SDK customers can add new image formats via third-party libraries; our sample code provides SVG support via SVGKit

2.0β14 for Windows

May 04, 2022

A minor bugfix is available from Microsoft Store. This version fixes importing multiple files via the “Import…” button in the library menu and via drag-n-drop. We do not release updates for Mac and Linux this time as the bug was Windows-specific.

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