FBReader for iOS 1.1.7

15th May 2023

The minor update is on a staged rollout this week. The release

  • fixes SVG files processing
  • fixes crash on rendering images in both text and the library
  • updates third-party code such as Google auth to the latest versions

FBReader 2.0.1 packaged for Fedora 38

11th May 2023

Today we publish experimental RPMs for Fedora 38 distro. The RPMs are built for Intel (x86_64) and Arm (aarch64) architectures. We hope these packages work on other RPM-based distributions as well. Any feedback is very welcome.

The release of the RPMs means we refuse to build a Flatpak or AppImage in favour of traditional distribution-specific packages. However, we do not plan to stop releasing snaps.

We started from RPM, not DEB, for a reason beyond our control: Qt 6.5, used by the latest FBReader, is already packed for Fedora but not for Debian.

Update 3.1.6/4.0 beta 47 for Android

9th May 2023

The new minor update fixes several network library issues.

We also upgraded the Radaee PDF library to 3.65.25. That fixes possible crashes on most modern devices. Unfortunately, some devices do not work with this new version. There is no good universal solution. We are in touch with the Radaee developers. Hopefully, they resolve the issue very soon. If the latest update fails on your device, we recommend installing the previous version (3.1.5/4.0 beta 46) from our site.

The PDF plugin is also updated to 2.2.14/2.3.6.

FBReader 2.0.1 for Mac/Windows/Linux

2nd May 2023

The minor update brings

  • Experimental touchscreen support
  • Manual day/night mode switch in Windows version
  • Saving last book window size to using with newly opened books

Minor Android update

28th March 2023

Today we released FBReader 3.1.5/4.0 beta 46 and PDF plugin 2.2.13/2.3.5.

The third-party PDF library has been downgraded as the latest version crashes on some devices, e.g. Xiaomi; the release also brings a few minor UI changes.

Monkey mascot

Monkey mascot