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In December 2021, after years of development suspension, we released FBReader 2.0 for Linux. Although the app includes most iOS and Android versions features, this is not a port of the mobile version. It is designed especially for desktop/laptop computers.

FBReader 2.0 is free of charge but not open-source. Currently, it is available on the Snap store. That means you can install the reader on the most popular Linux distributions like Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, and more others. We release the AppImage package in 2022.

Current version: 2.0β13 (published 20 April 2022)

The app is ready to use. However, it is published as a beta because some functions are still missing. The table shows the status of the most significant features in the latest version.

Reading books
Supported formats ePub, fb2,, mobi, rtf, MS doc, plain text, cbz
Book reading, styles, hyperlinks, hyphenations Fully implemented
Page header and footer Fully implemented, is customisable
Page turning/text scrolling Spacebar and right arrow key turn page forward; left arrow key turns back. Mouse click on right/left margins turns ahead/back. Mouse wheel as well as up and down arrows scroll line-by-line
Multi-book (multi-window) mode Fully implemented
Two-column mode Fully implemented. The text switches to two-column mode automatically. You can tune the logic in the “Columns & Margins” preferences section
Text selection Implemented, excluding automatic text scrolling when user selects end of the page
Table of contents Fully implemented
Bookmarks Implemented: adding, removing, style selection, navigation over the bookmarks list, styles adding/editing/removing; to be implemented: text editing
Language selection Automatic language/encoding detection only; there is no way to fix a detection error manually
Advanced text navigation Click on the page footer navigates over the text; undo/redo buttons allow to jump back. The position stack persists between runs
Dark theme Fully implemented; on Linux, you have to switch it manually in the window menu (three dots in the upper top corner)
All titles list Fully implemented
Lists of recently added/opened books Fully implemented
Books by author Fully implemented
Books by series Fully implemented
Books by tags Not implemented yet
Custom shelves Not implemented yet
Book download Fully implemented
Book meta info dialogue Fully implemented
Book deletion Fully implemented
Multiple book selection, group operations Not implemented yet
Network catalogues Not implemented yet
Cloud synchronisation
Titles list from server Fully implemented
Uploading new books to the server Fully implemented
Deleting books Fully implemented
Positions Fully implemented
Bookmarks Fully implemented
Custom shelves Not implemented yet
Preferences dialogue Implemented; some minor pages and options are still missing
Settings export/import Fully implemented