News: Android

FBReader 3.6.0 for Android

7th February 2024

The major update starts a new series, 3.6.*. In this release

  • The cards view in the library is back. Please note that you can change the cards size in the settings.
  • Zip-archives reading now works via the libzip library. It opens more books and is more stable than the old code.
  • The Huawei license check is fixed.
  • The target API raises to 34 (Android 14).
  • Multiple UI and stability fixes.

FBReader 4.0 beta 62 for Android

15th January 2024

The first 2024 update brings a significant change to the reader core. We have replaced the obsolete zip archive support with the modern libzip library. That means some ePub (and other zip files) that were not openable by FBReader will work now. On the other hand, any change in the core is potentially dangerous. Please report if you found some crashes or slowdowns with this release.

We have also fixed a few UI points and the Huawei AppGallery license check issue.

FBReader 3.5.5 for Android

18th December 2023

The final update of 2023 brings a few enhancements:

  • New appearance option: “Neglect screen notches”. It is helpful for devices with a wrongly detected notch, e.g., if the front camera is hidden under the screen.
  • The app stores the correct reading per cent now. Reading progress will be shown correctly in the library. However, you have to open a book with the wrong indicator to fix it.
  • The footer is visible over the reading-aloud panel. You can optionally switch to the old behaviour.
  • The old-style footer option is back.
  • Better processing of font lists in CSS. Previously, the app has used only the first item.
  • Better popup position on the screen: the system panels do not overlap the windows.
  • Saving position after the end of continuous scrolling works correctly. Sometimes, there was a one-line inaccuracy.

FBReader 3.5.4 for Android

23rd November 2023

The most notable enhancement of this release is the monochrome launcher icon for modern Androids.

The improvements include

  • better language detection (important for hyphenations);
  • updated fullscreen mode for phones in a horizontal orientation;
  • fixed continuous scrolling on some old devices.
The update addresses many minor UI and stability flaws.

FBReader 3.5.3 for Android

10th November 2023

Minor update for the 3.5 series improves the decoration of windows and dialogues. The release unifies the main UI elements style and adds more options in the “Appearance” preferences section.