FBReader 1.9.4 for Android is released

December 23, 2013


  • Added support for YotaPhone e-ink screen
  • On Android 4.4 (KitKat) devices, fullscreen mode is now optional
  • New option: adjust image color according background. For light background, adjusts too light colors to match background, for dark background adjusts too dark areas
  • Updated Czech localization (by Marek Pavelka)
  • On Android 3.* and 4.* devices added new font “PT Sans”

FBReader for Android

FBReader 1.9.3 for Android is released

November 23, 2013
  • Fullscreen mode for devices with Android 4.4
  • Added Greek localization (by Alex Doulamis and Sebastian Barthel)
  • Updated Catalan localization (by Alfonso Montero)
  • Updated Chinese localization (by Chris Yu)
  • Litres: fixed loading of large (100+) purchased book lists

FBReader for Android

FBReader for Android 1.9.2 is released

November 02, 2013
  • Fixed new books adding and opening

FBReader for Android

FBReader for Android 1.9.1 is released

November 01, 2013
  • High resolution launcher icon
  • Updated Catalan localization (by Carles Pastor i Badosa)
  • Updated Czech localization (by Marek Pavelka)
  • Mobi book format: added <blockquote> tag support
  • Fixed cancel menu “jump back” item behaviour
  • Fixed book info saving

FBReader for Android

FBReader 1.9 for Android is released

October 13, 2013
  • Dictionary support
    • Added full OpenDictionary API support (code provided by Paragon Software), better integration with SlovoEd dictionaries
    • Fixed ColorDict 3 integration
    • Added Lingvo integration
  • Network library
    • Added more catalogs
    • It is now possible to enable/disable separate catalog
    • It is now possible to change order of visible catalogs
    • Fixed unexpected “Catalog is empty” message issue
  • Formats
    • mobi: added support for <div> and <mbp:pagebreak> tags
    • ePub: fixed reading of files generated from LibreOffice
    • ePub: no empty paragraphs before/after cover
    • RTF: added unicode symbols (\u command) support
  • Localizations
    • Danish localization done by Jens Kaestel, sponsored by Panacea Supplies
    • Danish hyphenation patterns imported by Dennis Sheil of Panacea Supplies
    • Added Persian localization by HYIPEDU Team
    • Added Basque localization by Ibon Idoiaga Basaras from http://librezale.org
    • Added Armenian localization by Yavruhrat
    • Updated French localization by Mathias Monnerville
  • Other changes

FBReader for Android page

FBReader for Windows Phone is released

September 30, 2013

This initial version includes

  • ePub, fb2 and html file formats support
  • local library
  • network catalogs access (adding custom catalogs is supported)
  • SkyDrive and Microsoft translator integrations
  • interfaces in English and Russian

For more details read our FBReader for Windows Phone page.

FBReader 1.8.2 for Android is released

June 12, 2013
  • Editable highlighting styles
  • Invisible bookmarks
  • Two-column view in horizontal mode is enabled by default for 7" devices
  • New color picker dialog (AmbilWarna library is used)
  • Updated Spanish localization (by Diego Bernardi, sponsored by Panacea Supplies)
  • Updated Czech localization (by Marek Pavelka)
  • Updated Dutch localization (by Frank Fesevur)
  • Bitknights dictionaries support (by Norbert Kenderesi)
  • Support for new Paragon Software dictionaries (by Paragon Software)
  • Fixed decimal point separator in preferences (idea by Dennis Sheil)

FBReader for Android

FBReader 1.8/1.8.1 for Android is released

May 06, 2013
  • Two column text layout in horizontal mode. Optional, enabled by default on devices with screen > 7".
  • Text highlighting. Just select area you want to highlight and tap bookmark icon.
  • Fixed ePub books scanning.

FBReader for Android