FBReader for iOS beta testing program

December 24, 2016

Want to test FBReader Beta for iOS? Register to join the program. FBReader is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Requires iOS 9.3 or higher.

Number of testing slots is limited.

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November 2016 plans update

November 30, 2016

We are very sorry that FBReader for iOS is not released yet. We are working on this version and will publish it as soon as possible.

We also plan to update FBReader Book Network soon, by adding custom shelves and synchronisation of OPDS catalogs list.

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FBReader Premium 2.7.8 and Cyber Monday discount

November 16, 2016

This update of FBReader Premium fixes annoying “FBReader has been stopped” issue. The Premium is on sale now: 50% off for this Cyber Monday season.

Other changes in 2.7.8:

  • UI tweak: added touch feedback for hyperlinks
  • Added “Storage access denied” warning dialog

FBReader Free and the PDF plugin will be updated in few hours.

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FBReader 2.7.4 for Android

October 07, 2016

Minor update for both Free and Premium editions. Main changes:

  • New colour preference look
  • No file change notification for plain text files
  • Fixed background settings for Premium + DjVu plugin
  • Updated Czech and Portuguese resources

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September 2016 plans update

September 28, 2016

Our main focus is currently on the iOS version. It will be released for users this autumn. Ok, the reader already works, and I'm reading my books on my iPhone. But some important features are still missing, we want to release a more or less complete version.

Another line of activity is related to the Book Network. Book metainfo editing and synchronisation, custom shelves in web interface, OPDS catalogs sync, multiple books operations, etc.

As for the reader itself, our next steps are Goodreads integration an more bookmarks/notes features. Some reading statistics might be added as well.

FBReader for Android 2.7.3

September 25, 2016

This update (for both Free and Premium editions) finally fixes saving of current reading position. Other changes:

  • Fixed battery level displaying
  • “Force web auth” option for devices with broken Google auth
  • “Modified file notification”: added “Remove the file from the library” item (for files out of library folder only)
  • Start screen loading speed up

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How to help to fix the position issue

September 21, 2016

There is an issue with book position saving in FBReader 2.6/2.7 series. Rare devices are affected and we cannot reproduce the issue at this moment. If you are an unhappy user who experiences the issue, we need your help! Just follow the instruction below:

  • Download and install the package with debug info. (If you need a package for FBReader Premium, please contact us at support@fbreader.org.)
  • Repeat the issue with this new version. Imporant notice: please, try to repeat the full cycle. Open FBReader, turn page(s), close it. Then open again, and if the position is wrong, you done it. We are not sure if the problem is in position storing or in restoring, so we need log for the both steps.
  • Open FBReader Settings → About FBReader → Developer Options and select “Store log files”. FBReader will copy two files (main.log and db.log) to a public folder. The folder name varies from device to device and is displayed on the screen.
  • Send the files main.log and db.log to support@fbreader.org.)

Thank you in advance for your help! We will fix the issue as soon as we receive the logs.

FBReader for Android 2.7.2

September 07, 2016

This is minor update for both Free and Premium editions. Fixes few small issues appeared in 2.7.

  • Fixed “return to” items behaviour (in the back button menu)
  • Fixed preferences dialog crash on Android 4.0/4.1
  • Fixed “Supported file formats” preference

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