New Year Android releases

27th December 2022

Today we publish new packages for both mainstream and beta branches. We change the numbering, the beta is now 4.0, and the release version is 3.1. In 2023, we plan to release the updates in series 3.*, incrementally adding beta features to the mainstream.

In these new versions

  • The new text-to-speech interface, as well as all the related fixes, are backported from betas to the 3.1 release
  • Settings export/import is now available in the release branch as well
  • We fixed a crash on some Android 13 devices, especially manufactured by Samsung and OnePlus
  • We fixed the issues with opening books with special symbols (e.g., ‘:’) in the file name
  • FBReader suggests itself as an app to open “generic” files. That's useful for file managers that do not detect some e-books types properly

Have a Happy New Year!