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FBReader 2.0.5 for Mac/Windows/Linux

20th September 2023

One more September update addresses a few annoying issues. In the LitRes store, we fixed possible errors during signing in. Windows version displays the genres list correctly.

The release improves the Unicode support: the app displays symbols with codes larger than 0xFFFF (e.g., emoji).

We changed the behaviour of the right-click menu to make it less confusing in some cases: the bookmark menu displays if the cursor is over an existing bookmark and the text selection at once.

FBReader 2.0.4 for Mac/Windows/Linux

10th September 2023

September update supports more image formats.

The renderer shows small caps defined in built-in CSS in ePubs.

FBReader 2.0.3 for Mac/Windows/Linux

24th July 2023

Another minor update is uploaded to the stores and this site. This version adds operations with in-text images: opening a separate window (in that you can zoom the image) and copying images to the clipboard.

The MacOS version fixes crashes in the library and the settings dialogue.

FBReader 2.0.2 for Mac/Windows/Linux

10th July 2023

The minor update improves network error processing, scratches debug info from the packages, and avoids conflicts with libraries installed in /usr/local/lib on MacOS X.

Starting from this release, the app checks for updates during starting. You can view the status in the About Dialogue.

FBReader 2.0.1 for Mac/Windows/Linux

2nd May 2023

The minor update brings

  • Experimental touchscreen support
  • Manual day/night mode switch in Windows version
  • Saving last book window size to using with newly opened books

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