Full (paid) version for iOS

The purchase of the full version

  • Removes the limit of ten books in the library
  • Unlocks network translators (Google and DeepL) integration

In the future, if we add new paid features to the reader, all of them will be available in the full version with no additional fee. Please note that this does not include possible access to paid books.

You pay once and have access to the full version for an unlimited time.

In the reading mode, tap the centre of the screen, then the reader logo at the top. In the popup dialogue, select “Already purchased”.

In rare cases, this way does not work due to App Store cache failure. If you are sure that your Apple ID is the same as you used for the purchase, select “Purchase” instead. It is not possible to buy the full edition twice for the same account. So, instead the iOS would say “Already purchased”, and activate the full version for you. Please, only use this way if you are sure regarding the Apple ID. The refund procedure is complicated, and we cannot help with it.

We cannot refund an App Store purchase for you, sorry.

You can do the refund via the Apple interface. Please read a third-party instruction.

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