How to support the FBReader project

Want to support the FBReader project with your money? This page describes how you can help.

NB: We are grateful for any support, but it is voluntary. We are happy even if you just use our product. And we want to be clear: we do not add any features for the money. If you think you know how to make FBReader better, please share your opinion with us via Telegram. We read everything, and your suggestion can change our minds. But we do not promise to implement all the ideas.

Paid apps

On smartphones and tablets, you have a choice to use the free or paid version of FBReader. The iOS version has a built-in purchase, which scratches some restrictions. On Android, we sell a separate app, FBReader Premium. On both systems, this is a one-time purchase, not a subscription.

Buying books in FBReader

Probably, you noticed that FBReader includes access to some ebook stores. They are not the only possible source of the books, and you can disable the stores in the preferences. However, we get some income in this way. Every time you purchase a book, we get some small percent of your money. No matter if you buy directly from the app or visit their site using our link.

If you run an ebook store and want to integrate it with the reader, please contact us. New partnerships are welcome!

FBReader for developers

If you want to develop an ebook reader, look at our SDK. It is paid and is a way to support us, too.


You can purchase an FBReader Gift.


If the ways listed above are not yours, and you still want to support us, you can donate.

Donate via PayPal

Our bitcoin wallet address is 1Gx2sF2EBHxe2uhWojq7UMQXeCGPjBdDqE. Alternatively, you can scan the QR code:

Thank you!

Anyway, thank you for the support and for using our app.

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