FBReader for Kindle Fire HD(X)

  • based on the latest release for android
  • huge icons for Kindle devices
  • UI compliant with Kindle standards
  • works with Amazon Android Store instead of Google Play

Download binary package for Kindle Fire HD(X) devices.

FBReader for Nook e-ink devices, including Nook Simple Touch


  • based on the FBReader 2.6.15 for Android
  • includes e-ink screen specific options
  • some options like text background, colour scheme, etc. changed for better compatibility with grayscale screen
  • provides special search dialog

Download binary package for (rooted) Nook devices.

FBReader for Nook is not updated anymore. You can download full sources of the latest release under the GNU GPL.

FBReader for YotaPhone


There is no special edition for YotaPhone. Second (e-ink) screen is supported in the mainstream version for Android.

Download binary package for YotaPhone devices.