FBReader 0.99.5 alpha for Mac OS X (December 24, 2012)

FBReader for Mac OS X is still in alpha stage. This means it works, but some important features are still missing or have temporary implementation. Here is a list of important features/issues that should be implemented/fixed before 1.0 release.

  • text search
  • correct font sizes etc. on devices with retina display
  • menu and keyboard shortcuts should depend on current active window
  • about dialog
  • correct how-to-start text
  • wheel scrolling direction should depend on mac settings
  • local library to be moved to a separate window, like network library
  • table of contents should be moved to a separate dialog
  • UI should be more Mac-ish
  • options dialog: review option set
  • options dialog: gentle view for each page
  • options dialog: categories icons
  • adding custom OPDS catalog

If you want to try our this version, download the installation package of FBReader 0.99.5 (~15 Mb).

Old versions

Older FBReader versions were not released for Mac OS. There is an unofficial port made by Stanislav Gobunov. Packages for both Intel and PPC architectures are available from the port site.