Updates of the app and SDK for iOS

May 23, 2022

Today we release FBReader 1.1.4 and FBReader SDK 0.99.4 for iOS.

  • Fixed letters truncation in some fonts, e.g. Academy Engraved LET
  • Vertical text scrolling speedup
  • The app adds SVG images support
  • The SDK customers can add new image formats via third-party libraries; our sample code provides SVG support via SVGKit

New FBReader 1.1.0 for iOS

March 31, 2022

  • Added continuous vertical scrolling in single column mode
  • Added the 'page-turning threshold' option. It defines the minimum distance you need to swipe text to turn the page
  • The renderer uses colours from embedded CSS styles. You can disable these colours in the preferences
  • Broken Yandex translator replaced with DeepL
  • Implemented full synchronization of bookmark styles with desktop FBReader. Using the desktop version, you can add and remove styles
  • OPDS support is delayed again :( Expected very soon
  • Simultaneously, we released iOS SDK 0.99.3, which includes all the 1.1.0 changes

SDK for iOS updated

March 19, 2022

New release 0.99.2 has been published. This version includes changes from the upcoming FBReader 1.0.26 for iOS. The ePub rendering engine can use colours defined in embedded CSS.

New Year 2021 Sale

January 04, 2021

FBReader Premium for Android and Full Edition for iOS are on sale. Up to 40%, depending on OS and country. The sale ends

  • at 23:59 Greenwich time, 9th January, on Android;
  • at 23:59 your local time, 10th January, on iOS.

FBReader 1.0.21 for iPhone and iPad

October 19, 2020

The update is already on the App Store.

  • This version is fully compatible with new iPhone 12 series.
  • Added scalable image view. Long tap on a picture, pinch or double tap to zoom.

SDK for iOS

February 07, 2020

Today we release the first public version of FBReader SDK for iOS. The developer library that helps to build an ebook reader based on the FBReader engine is now available for both Android and iOS.

Demo version of the SDK is downloadable for free. The full version is paid.

FBReader for iOS in Spanish and Ukrainian

January 18, 2020

Update 1.0.16 for iOS is ready for install. User interface translated into popular languages

  • Eastern Europe: Czech, Polish, Ukrainian
  • Western Europe: French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
  • Chinese

This version also fixes bugs related to cloud sync and page turning by volume buttons.

First public release of FBReader SDK

October 10, 2019

Our new product, FBReader SDK. A library that allows you to build your own application on FBReader engine. Light, stable, highly customizable. Includes some features from upcoming FBReader relades.

The SDK for Android is already available. iOS version expected by the end of 2019.