LitRes catalog is presented in FBReader network library by default. This plugin is not required for browsing catalog and for purchasing books. The plugin provides some additional features. With this plugin you can

  • Register new user.
  • Purchase books quickly, with automatic registration.
  • Topup your account via text messages.
  • Topup your account via credit cards (issued in Russia only, sorry).
  • Topup your account in self-service kiosk (in Russia only).
  • Access LitRes store in one click. Just start an application named “LitRes” with icon shown at start of this article.

We distribute 2 editions of LitRes integration plugin. The first one is for mobile phones, the second one is for devices with no telephone module. The only difference is that second edition does not support text messages feature. If you are not sure, try mobile phone edition firstly.