FBReader Premium for free (for paid Bookshelf users)

All paid users of the Bookshelf plugin can get FBReader Premium promo code for free. Follow the instruction below to upgrade your plugin to FBReader Premium.

  1. The plugin version should be 1.5 or higher
  2. In the menu, select “Get FBReader Premium” item
  3. Press “Copy to clipboard”
  4. Open Google Play application
  5. Select “Redeem” in the menu
  6. Paste your code and press “Redeem”
  7. Enjoy!

Important details:

  • You have to be online to get the code.
  • You can close the dialog and the select “Get FBReader Premium” item again at any time.
  • Your code is NOT bounded to your Google Account. You can use it on your own device or send to your friend. Even if you have already purchased FBReader Premium, you can get the code and transfer it to any person.
  • Google limits number of promo codes per quarter. If your device said that "your code is not available at this moment" this means we already used all the codes for this quarter and you have to wait for the next portion.