Happy New Year 2020!

December 28, 2019

We updated the Android app to 3.0.22. The minor update fixes cloud authentication issues for devices with no Google Services. The next major release, with dark/light themes and long-awaited text-to-speech for PDFs planned for March 2020. Join beta tracks to test the features earlier.

We wish you a happy New Year, and FBReader Premium for Android is on sale (30% off) until the evening (23:59 Greenwich time) of the 2nd January.

Update 3.0.12 for Android

May 31, 2019

FBReader Premium 3.0.12 for Android improves the text-to-speech feature. The main addition is the reading timer. You can run reading with a time limit.

And yes, we slightly updated the icon.

FBReader 3.0 for Android

March 14, 2019

Long-awaited 3.0 for Android is out. The biggest update since 2017 is already on the Play Store.

  • Background config and library services have gone.
  • Built-in reading aloud in the Premium.
  • New LitRes catalogue store. Prices are always up-to-date now, and you can access PDF books as well.
  • New full Chinese localisation, by He Zhihong (何志鸿).
  • Updated Ukrainian localisation, by IgIvanov from 4pda.ru.
  • Multiple minor improvements and fixes.

Premium edition with new features is available for the old price until 21st March.

FBReader Premium 3.0 beta 12 for Android

December 31, 2018

The release 3.0 postponed till end of January 2019. New beta is already on the Google Play. In addition to built-in TTS this version adds

  • New file picker feature: you can open files directly from FBReader using your preferred file browser look & feel
  • New LitRes store integration in the network library. Not all features of old catalogue are ported, so both catalogues are still available. The main advantages of the new catalogue are:
    • Always correct prices
    • The basket synchronised with the LitRes site and between devices
    • PDF books are visible in the catalogue, purchase/download will be available soon

FBReader Premium 3.0 beta for Android

November 11, 2018

First beta of FBReader Premium 3.0 uploaded to Google Play. You have to be Premium user and join the beta track to try it.

The beta includes a very first version of the built-in text-to-speech module. TTS works for text formats only (no PDF support at this moment, sorry). To run the feature, open left menu in reading mode, and select "Read Aloud".

FBReader 3.0 significantly changes the app internals. In particular, the plugin API has been changed. If you use FBReader Premium to read DjVu, you will be requested to update the DjVu plugin as well.

Read more about FBReader 3.x plans

FBReader TTS plugin 1.2 is released

April 10, 2012
  • Continues speaking when the screen goes off
  • Added speech rate control

Text-to-speech plugin