PDF and DjVu plugins 1.0.8

April 05, 2015
  • Better page rendering performance
  • Minor fixes

PDF plugin, DjVu plugin.

PDF and DjVu plugins 1.0.7

January 28, 2015
  • Fixed possible crash of closing plugin

PDF plugin

DjVu plugin

PDF and DjVu plugins 1.0.6

January 26, 2015

More stability fixes.

PDF plugin

DjVu plugin

PDF and DjVu plugins 1.0.5

January 25, 2015

No new features, this release fixes stability issues.

PDF plugin

DjVu plugin

Updated versions

January 17, 2015

Four package updated:

  • FBReader to 2.2.4
  • Bookshelf to 1.0.2
  • PDF & DjVu plugins to 1.0.4


  • Better communication between the main program and the plugins
  • Stability issues in PDF and DjVu plugins
  • Cover issues in Bookshelf plugin
  • Search for patterns containing spaces in Bookshelf plugin

PDF plugin 1.0.1 for Android

September 04, 2014
  • Uses latest version of Radaee pdf library
  • Fixed problem with non-standard encodings (e.g., Japanese)

FBReader PDF plugin for Android

FBReader 2.0.4 + PDF plugin 1.0

August 15, 2014

This version is uploaded onto the Google Play.

  • Better integration between the main program and PDF plugin
  • Fixed custom fonts support for Nook Simple Touch
  • Updated Portuguese localization (by Bruno Ramalhete)
  • Minor fixes in synchronisation algorithm

FBReader for Android

FBReader 2.0 beta 11 for Android + PDF plugin 0.9.2

October 24, 2013
  • This beta version includes all changes from stable FBReader 1.9 and all beta features from 2.0 beta 8
  • Better and faster PDF support in plugin
  • Bookmarks for PDF files
  • New beta is not compatible with old plugin versions; new plugin is only compatible with this new beta release

Download FBReader beta for android and PDF plugin