Windows, Mac, and Linux update

March 24, 2022

New version 2.0β11 (a.k.a. 1.999.11) is in the stores. Main changes:

  • Added Ukrainian 🇺🇦 interface localisation
  • The renderer uses CSS-defined colours (can be disabled in preferences)
  • Bookmark styles page in the preferences dialogue
  • Option for hiding toolbar in the fullscreen mode
  • Images brightness in the dark mode decreased
  • Added “Import multiple files” menu item in the library window

FBReader for Mac is out

February 16, 2022

Great news! FBReader 2.0β8 for Mac is now available from Mac App Store.

That means FBReader is now available for three major desktop OS: Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. The reading mode is more or less complete, as well as the library view, including the cloud sync.

We are working on missing features, like network catalogues integration, multiple books operation, etc.

FBReader came back to Windows

February 12, 2022

FBReader 2.0β7 for Windows published on Microsoft Store. The app works on Windows 10 and 11. Still not the final 2.0 release; however, the app is stable and ready to use.

Synchronously, we release the same version for Linux on the Snap Store.

The package for Mac will be ready in a week or two.

End of 2021 update

December 24, 2021

We have some news for you in this festive season:

  • After years, we resumed development for major desktop operating systems.
  • Linux version is released to the public via the Snap Store. The AppImage is coming soon.
  • Builds for Windows and Mac OS will be published very-very shortly.
  • And the bad news: Android and iOS updates are delayed to early 2022.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

FBReader 0.9.20180725 for Mac

July 25, 2018

The update

  • Fixes reading on MacOS 10.12.
  • Is compatible with OS 10.11.
  • Fixes multiple minor issues.

Read more and download

FBReader beta for Mac

July 15, 2018

Public beta, the quality is close to production:

  • Native interface
  • Full support for ePub, fb2, and other text formats
  • Network synchronisation (books, reading positions)
  • Secret features to be revealed soon

Read more and download

FBReader 0.99.5 alpha for Mac OS X is released

December 24, 2012
  • First public release for Mac OS
  • Application menu
  • Keyboard shortcuts for popular actions
  • New preferences dialog
  • Page header is shown by default in the main window instead of scrollbar
  • Text search does not work in this release

FBReader for Mac OS X