FBReader 20170715 beta for iOS

July 14, 2017

What's new:

  • More settings
  • Better footnotes support
  • Better file format detector
  • New library views: by author, by series, etc.
  • Access to FBReader Book Network: upload your books via https://books.fbreader.org/. Google account is required to use this feature.

What's missing:

  • Upload books to the book network
  • Position/bookmarks synchronisation
  • There is a number of known bugs we'll fix before the release

What's limited:

  • Library size is limited to 10 books. The limitation will be removable for a payment in the release version.
  • Online translator integration will be available in the release version for (the same) payment.

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September 2016 plans update

September 28, 2016

Our main focus is currently on the iOS version. It will be released for users this autumn. Ok, the reader already works, and I'm reading my books on my iPhone. But some important features are still missing, we want to release a more or less complete version.

Another line of activity is related to the Book Network. Book metainfo editing and synchronisation, custom shelves in web interface, OPDS catalogs sync, multiple books operations, etc.

As for the reader itself, our next steps are Goodreads integration an more bookmarks/notes features. Some reading statistics might be added as well.

FBReader 2.4.7 for Android

May 20, 2015

This release updates some localisations and fixes several minor issues.

  • Localisations changes:
    • Added Korean localisation
    • Updated Armenian localisation (by Yavruhrat, Marat Yavrumyan)
    • Updated Czech localisation (by Marek Pavelka)
    • Updated Japanese localisation (by Tamotsu Takahashi)
    • Updated Vietnamese localisation (by Khánh Nguyễn Quốc)
  • Fixed zero-width space issue for bookmarks in Japanese
  • FBReader Book Network updates:
    • Fixed authentication issue on some Xiaomi devices
    • Max uploadable file size increased to 120Mb

FBReader for Android

FBReader 2.4.6 for Android

May 06, 2015

This release adds new style dictionary integration and fixes authentication issue on devices with no google services.

  • Integration with Dictan dictionary. Dictan 4.9 or higher is recommended
  • New icons for popup menus
  • Fixed FBReader Book Network authentication issue on devices with no google services and old (Android 2) devices
  • Footnote popup duration settings

FBReader for Android

FBReader 2.4/2.4.2 for Android

April 25, 2015

This is major update that improves footnotes and bookmarks features.

  • Popups for footnotes
  • Editable bookmarks (a.k.a. notes)
  • Bookmarks synchronisation via the Book Network
  • New interface elements are implemented using SuperToasts library
  • Updated Czech, Dutch and German localisations
  • Version 2.4.2 is a bugfix for 2.4, fixes possible crash during DB update

FBReader for Android

FBReader 2.3.3 for Android

March 27, 2015

FBReader for Android

Release 2.1.9 for Android

November 23, 2014
  • Missing book download from the book network
  • Some material design support (for Android 5.0)
  • Updated Czech localisation (by Marek Pavelka)
  • Updated Dutch localisation (by Frank Fesevur)
  • Updated German localisation (by Matthias Dill)
  • Updated Portuguese localisation (by Igor Marques)
  • Updated Romanian localization (by Mary Hit)

FBReader for Android