FBReader Premium 2.7

September 03, 2016

FBReader Premium 2.7.1 is finally out. (No, you did not miss 2.7. This is first release of Premium in series 2.7.*.)

In celebration of this long awaited release we announce the sale! FBReader Premium is 50% off on the Google Play till 15th September.

Get it on Google Play

List of main changes:

  • Multiple files per book
  • File change notification
  • Fixed reading progress issue
  • Easy access to books on sd card
  • Android 6: FBReader opens ePub/PDF files from external applications (not fb2 yet)
  • No longer wrong “missing book” notifications
  • “Tweet what you have read” link at end of book
  • Autocrop option for PDFs and comics
  • Fixed large table of contents support
  • Misc fixes in ePub, MS Doc, RTF support
  • Android 7 multi-window mode support