PDF and DjVu plugins 1.0.7

January 28, 2015
  • Fixed possible crash of closing plugin

PDF plugin

DjVu plugin

Tags: pdf djvu bugfix

Bookshelf 1.1.4

January 27, 2015
  • More material style elements (cards elevation, ripple effect)
  • Miscellaneous fixes

Bookshelf plugin

PDF and DjVu plugins 1.0.6

January 26, 2015

More stability fixes.

PDF plugin

DjVu plugin

Tags: pdf djvu bugfix

PDF and DjVu plugins 1.0.5

January 25, 2015

No new features, this release fixes stability issues.

PDF plugin

DjVu plugin

Tags: bugfix pdf djvu

Bookshelf 1.2 beta 0

January 24, 2015

Create custom shelves, put books to these new shelves. Beta version is available from this site and from the Google Play for FBReader community members.

Tags: bookshelf beta

Released Bookshelf 1.1

January 18, 2015
  • Added small cards view (old view is available as 'wide cards view' from the menu)
  • The program saves book lists positions between runs
  • Book card is clickable (click opens details dialog), 'details' button replaced with action menu

FBReader Bookshelf

Updated versions

January 17, 2015

Four package updated:

  • FBReader to 2.2.4
  • Bookshelf to 1.0.2
  • PDF & DjVu plugins to 1.0.4


  • Better communication between the main program and the plugins
  • Stability issues in PDF and DjVu plugins
  • Cover issues in Bookshelf plugin
  • Search for patterns containing spaces in Bookshelf plugin

FBReader 2.2.3 and Bookshelf 1.0

January 16, 2015

First public version of new Bookshelf view is already in the Play Store. We recommend to update FBReader to version 2.2.3 for full compatibility with the Bookshelf.

FBReader for Android

Bookshelf for Android