First public beta of Bookshelf plugin

January 08, 2015

Beta version of Bookshelf plugin is available for dowload from our site. This plugin presents material design style replacement for default FBReader library view.

Release 2.2.1 for Android

January 03, 2015
  • Added Spanish and Portuguese translations of the Introduction
  • Misc fixes

FBReader for Android

Release 2.2 for Android

December 31, 2014
  • Progress indicator in network/library library for Android 5 devices
  • Thumbnail library view plugin compatibility (the plugin will be released in a days)
  • New introduction text is now shown for all languages (but is not translated to all languages yet)

FBReader for Android

Release 2.1.13 for Android

December 24, 2014
  • New introduction text for newbies
  • Updated Czech localisation (by Marek Pavelka)
  • Updated Dutch localisation (by Frank Fesevur)

FBReader for Android

Release 2.1.12 for Android

December 14, 2014
  • Fixed an infinite loop during some ePub rendering
  • Added color settings for new style footer (separate for day & night)

FBReader for Android

Release 2.1.11 for Android

December 12, 2014
  • Synchronisation with the Book Network optimised: FBReader does not send unnecessary requests
  • Fixed parsing of Smashwords catalog
  • Fixed thumbnails fetching for catalogs created by calibre2opds
  • Fixed work with huge (300+ zip entries) ePub files
  • Fixed possible crash on old (Android 2.0 and 2.1) devices

FBReader for Android

Release 2.1.10 for Android

December 06, 2014
  • New page turning animation and footer view by default. (Old versions are available as options.)
  • Fixed action bar view on Lenovo Tab

FBReader for Android

OPDS creation tool from FBReader.ORG

December 03, 2014

We released yet another OPDS creation tool, based on code.

  • MIT license
  • command line (python)
  • takes list of book urls as input
  • automatically extracts book metainfo and cover; creates thumbnails
  • supports several download links per book
  • supported formats: ePub, mobi (a.k.a. azw3), fb2,

FBReader.ORG book tools

Tags: OPDS