Sharp Zaurus is the first platform FBReader was developed for. :) We provide several set packages for different firmwares.

FBReader for Sharp Zaurus is 0.8.17 and will never be updated...

For devices with Qtopia-based firmware (original Sharp, Cacko)

Necessary packages:

Optional packages:

  • If your preferred character encoding is not presented in FBReader list, please install the package containing the full set of gconv modules for Sharp Zaurus Qtopia. Warning: this package is large -- about 8Mb after unpacking.
  • Free zaurus fonts, converted from GPL'd truetype fonts.

For devices with pdaXrom firmware

FBReader works only on pdaXrom 1.1.0 RC11 or newer. FBReader for pdaXrom is distributed as a single package containing both Gtk+ and Qt interface modules. By default the program runs with Gtk+ interface. To force Qt interface, start FBReader from command line as ‘FBReader -zlui qt’.

For devices with OpenZaurus firmware