Released version 2.0 for Android

  • Synchronisation with FBReader book network
    • Access to the book network via Network library (Google authentication required)
    • Automatic upload of all your books to the book network (switched off by default)
    • Automatic synchronization of current book and reading positions across devices (switched off by default)
    • Uses ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE permission to detect if device is connected to the internet via WiFi
  • PDF support (plugin should be installed)
  • Book tags and authors list are now editable
  • Updated Bulgarian translation (by Георги Георгиев)
  • Updated Czech translation (by Marek Pavelka)
  • Updated German translation (by Matthias Dill)
  • Updated Romanian translation (by Gîrlea Alexandru)
  • Updated Portuguese translation (by Bruno Ramalhete)
  • Automatic cache cleanup
  • Tips are disabled

FBReader for Android