Important: if you are using Diablo software on your tablet, you should be able to install the application from extras repository

You have 3 options: single-click installation, network installation and offline installation.

Single-click installation

Just click here to install. ;)

Network installation

Network installation is the easiest way to install FBReader and keep it up to date.

Open 'Application manager':

  • Open the menu
  • Choose 'Settings'
  • Choose 'Application manager'

Add the repository and download list of available packages:

  • Click on the title bar to open the menu
  • Select Tools
  • Select "Application Catalogue..."
  • Press "New"
  • In the "Web Address" field put '' (without apostrophes)
  • Make sure "Distribution" field either contains 'chinook' (without apostrophes) or is just empty
  • Click "OK"
  • Click "Close"
  • Click "OK" on the question "Refresh package list?"
  • After selecting the connection and updating the list you will return to the main screen of Application manager

Install FBReader:

  • Click on "Install new applications"
  • You should see fbreader, double-click on it
  • Click "Ok"
  • Click "Ok" (of course, if you trust us enough to install the software :))
  • After some time (downloading and installing) you will see a dialog "Select location", click on the button next to "Location:", select location for FBReader, click "Ok", click "Ok"
  • It should say "fbreader" successfully installed
  • Click "Ok"
  • Close 'Application manager' (click on 'X' in the right top corner)

Now you should be a happy user of FBReader.

Keeping Up-To-Date

Open Application manager:

  • Open menu
  • Choose 'Settings'
  • Choose 'Application manager'

Update the package lists:

  • Open 'Application manager' menu (click on 'Application manager')
  • Choose 'Tools'
  • Choose 'Refresh list of packages'
  • Click "OK" on 'Refresh package list?' question
  • If necessary, choose your connection
  • Observe various status dialogs showing the current situation
  • You are done

See if there's an update for FBReader:

  • Click on "Check for updates"

All available updates should be shown in this screen. If you see
'fbreader' somewhere, a newer version of FBReader is available.
Double-click it and, after some time, you should be done.

Offline Installation

If you cannot install FBReader over network, you need to download and install the following packages: