About FBReader for Jolla and SailfishOS

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    Pulldown main menu
  • [Local Library, by title]
    Local library, by title
  • [Local Library, by author]
    Local library, by author
  • [Network Library]
    Network Library
  • [Configuration, text]
    Configuration, text
  • Table of contents (TOC)
    Table of contents (TOC)
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    Night view, Find in book hit marked on page, next/previous overlay visible
  • [Day view, find in book hit marked on page]
    Day view, find in book hit marked on page

This is an alpha release of the SailfishOS port. It is good enough for me to read all books in my library (500+), so I just intended to let you know it is available.

This port to SailfishOS is sponsored by friprogramvarusyndikatet.se.


Installation package is available from OpenRepos warehouse. It is recommend that you enable this repository from OpenRepos on you device so that you receive updates automatically.


The Main menu is a pulldown menu, see figure 1 above.
Import of books from ~/Documents (SailfishOS default) start on entering the local library like in figure 1.
If it crashes on importing some of your books just restart and let it continue. If it happens on loading a book from library, just restart and the book will be open.

Different views in Local library: by title, figure 2 and by author, figure 3.

Network library, figure 4.

Configuration, text, figure 5. The default font size is 22. Just use slider to switch to other value. For blue items press and choose other value when they show.

Table of contents (TOC), figure 6. Select which section to go to by clicking any section.

Night view, with find in book hit marked on page and next/previous navigation overlay visible, figure 7.

Day view, with find in book hit marked on page, figure 8.

Happy reading!


Full sources of the port are available from the git repository at GitHub.
And it is of course GPL-licensed as the upstream. Make sure to use the develop branch.

About the author

Friprogramvarusyndikatet.se is a small consultancy of Leif-Jöran Olsson and connected contractors working with free software, mainly related to eXist-db, language technology and digital humanities computing.