How to help to fix the position issue

There is an issue with book position saving in FBReader 2.6/2.7 series. Rare devices are affected and we cannot reproduce the issue at this moment. If you are an unhappy user who experiences the issue, we need your help! Just follow the instruction below:

  • Download and install the package with debug info. (If you need a package for FBReader Premium, please contact us at
  • Repeat the issue with this new version. Imporant notice: please, try to repeat the full cycle. Open FBReader, turn page(s), close it. Then open again, and if the position is wrong, you done it. We are not sure if the problem is in position storing or in restoring, so we need log for the both steps.
  • Open FBReader Settings → About FBReader → Developer Options and select “Store log files”. FBReader will copy two files (main.log and db.log) to a public folder. The folder name varies from device to device and is displayed on the screen.
  • Send the files main.log and db.log to

Thank you in advance for your help! We will fix the issue as soon as we receive the logs.