About FBReader for Windows Phone

FBReader for Windows Phone is a port of the original FBReader for devices running the WP operating system. This port is written by CactusSoft, with support from Nokia. Source code is available under GNU GPL. Future versions will be released and supported by FBReader.ORG Limited (original FBReader authors).


The initial version of FBReader for WP is compatible with Windows Phone 8 devices. It reads files in ePub, fb2 and html formats. Interface is localized for English and Russian. Users can download books directly from popular network libraries. The application supports adding custom OPDS catalogs. FBReader is integrated with SkyDrive cloud storage and with Microsoft Translator.

In the near future we plan to:

  • add a way to open books directly from SD card
  • add more network catalogs (same as in the Android version)
  • provide FBReader builds for more devices