Network book search in FBReader


Since version 0.10.0 FBReader supports simple integration with network e-book libraries. Using FBReader you can

  • search books in network libraries
  • download books from free libraries
  • open book information page in standard web browser (for paid libraries that usually would allow for buying the book and downloading it using the web browser)

As of version 0.10.0 FBReader supports 2 network e-book libraries:

  • (free books in many languages, mostly from Project Gutenberg)
  • (paid books in Russian)

In future versions we plan to support more e-libraries. If you know any e-library that provides search interface for external programs please let us know. If you are a e-library holder and you want to create an integration with FBReader please contact us as well.

How to search books in e-libraries

There are two ways to search books using FBReader:

  • quick search
  • advanced search

For “quick search” press the toolbar button Search in Network Libraries. Network search view will be opened. Type a search pattern in the text field on the toolbar and press 'Enter'.

For “advanced search” press the toolbar button Search in Network Libraries, then the toolbar button Advanced Network Search. Fill in some fields in the displayed dialog and press “Go!” button.

advanced search dialog

How to download or buy books

If your search is successful FBReader displays a book tree. At right side of the book title in this tree you can see one or two icons.

search result

If you see epub or mobi icon the found book is freely downloadable. Just click on the icon corresponding to your preferred format (epub is recommended). The book will be downloaded and opened for reading.

If you see an icon like epub the book is already downloaded. You can click this icon to open a local file.

Finally the icon buy means the selected book is not directly downloadable. Click this icon to visit an e-library site and buy the book.


As of version 0.10.0 you can set up several network-related options in FBReader.

  • You can configure the set of e-libraries you want to use for book search. Just open Preferences Dialog, select the tab 'Network Search' and check your preferred libraries. By default all the libraries in the list are enabled.

    preferences for network search

  • In the same tab you can set up http proxy if your network doesn't allow to connect to web sites directly. Moreover you can set up a timeout for network operations.
  • You can configure a directory used for storing downloaded books. In Preferences Dialog select the tab 'Library' and edit 'Directory for Downloaded Books' option.