Interface Languages

FBReader interface can be presented in various languages. As of version 0.8.15, FBReader supports English, Finnish, French, Indonesian, Italian, Russian, Swedish and Ukrainian.

By default FBReader tries to use the system language; if the system language is not supported, English will be used.

You can force FBReader to use a specific supported language by using command-line parameter '-lang <lang>'. For example, 'FBReader -lang ru' will start FBReader with Russian interface.

If you would like to localize FBReader interface for a language that is not currently supported, please read “How to localize FBReader interface for your preferred language” document.

Automatic Language and Encoding Detection

Certain book formats (fb2, oeb) allow specification of both book language and text encoding. When either book language or text encoding are not specified, FBReader tries to detect them automatically. As of version 0.8.15, FBReader detects the following languages: Chinese, Czech, English, Esperanto, Finnish, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian.

In case FBReader did not correctly detect book language or encoding, you can specify it manually. Open “Book Info” dialog, select “Common” tab and specify the desired language and encoding.

In case most of your books are in the same language, you can specify it as a default language. To do so, open “Preferences” dialog, select “Language” tab and specify your language (and, if necessary, encoding) there. From that moment on the specified language will be used for the cases when FBReader fails to detect it automatically.

If you don't like the way FBReader detects language and/or encoding, you might want to disable this feature. To do so, open “Preferences” dialog, select “Language” tab and clear check-box labelled “Automatically Detect Language and Encoding”. That will make FBReader to use your language and encoding of preference for those books where they are not explicitly specified.

Text re-flow for different languages

FBReader uses the same algorithm for re-flowing text for all European languages. The only difference is the way how words are hyphenated. If you feel that the words are not properly hyphenated, please make sure that the book language is correctly specified. To do so, open “Book Info” dialog, select “Common” tab and check the value for “Language” parameter (fix it if necessary).

If you do not want the text to be hyphenated, you have two options:

  • you can disable hyphenation for the currently open book: open “Book Info” dialog, select “Common” tab and choose “Other” for the “Language”
  • you can completely disable hyphenation: open “Preferences” dialog, select “Styles” tab, make sure that you have “Base” style selected and clear check-box labelled “Auto Hyphenations”

If there is no hyphenations in the selected language (e.g., in Chinese) FBReader uses line breaking rules described in the Unicode document.