FBReader Preferences dialog does not include key bindings at this moment. We didn't include this feature because there is no way to list buttons presented on Android device.

However we provide a method to add own key bindings. This method requires manual file editing. Place a file named keymap.xml into the FBReader books directory (/sdcard/Books by default). This file should contain key bindings description in XML format. Here is a sample file (that can be useful for Nook Touch devices):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
	<binding key="92" action="nextPage"/>
	<binding key="93" action="previousPage"/>
	<binding key="94" action="nextPage"/>
	<binding key="95" action="previousPage"/>

Key numbers in this sample are device-specific button codes. Standard button codes are listed in Android documentation. As for action names, you can list available strings in our source code. Please keep in mind that these names can be changed in future FBReader releases.

FBReader reads keymap.xml at start. If you've created (or changed) this file don't forget to restart FBReader.